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Atlanta’s Medusa Lounge celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary on Sunday Night with special guests, rappers T. Meanwhile, I hear Tiny has moved on with her life after giving T.

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All of our Intro workshops are great for beginners.In Sanskrit a “seed” is called “Bija.” “Mantra”: “man” (mind) and “tra” (liberate).Its literal translation the word “Mantra” means “to liberate one’s mind”.Gaudí famously believed that his client, God, was in no hurry, and over its long gestation period La Sagrada Família has acquired a bounty of fantastic descriptors, with citizens, tourists, and critics debating whether it’s a work of genius or garishness.Salvador Dalí called it a “tactile erogenous zone” and Walter Gropius deemed it “a marvel of technical perfection.” Various news outlets have called it “monstrously, outrageously kitsch”; a “teeming jumble”; “the crown jewel in Barcelona’s architectural landscape”; “sensual, spiritual, whimsical, exuberant”; “a cluster of gigantic stone termites’ nests” and “a gingerbread house baked by the wickedest witch of all.” The controversy is especially keen because Gaudí died in 1926, and the basilica in its current form may be less than half of his original design.The program is designed for dedicated yoga students who wish to enhance their connection to yoga and spirituality, aspiring yoga teachers, as well as current teachers who are seeking to bring more depth to their practice and teaching through continued study.