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A dual optical accommodating foldable intraocular lens

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As it progresses reading vision can suffer along with a change in spectacle number.

People who were forced to wear readingglasses will find that they can go without them.

The lens is a clear part of the eye that helps to focus light, or an image, on the retina.

a dual optical accommodating foldable intraocular lens-11

Two main types of surgical procedures are in common use throughout the world.It is, to my knowledge, the first three-dimensional bag-filling IOL.Since light is not divided into multiple foci, Synchrony yields contrast sensitivity curves comparable to those of monofocal IOLs.With the aim of restoring near vision, different devices that produce multiple focuses have been developed and introduced.However, these devices are still unable to restore accommodation.Accommodating IOLs hold the promise of providing good distance, intermediate, and near acuity with fewer optical aberrations than currently available multifocal IOLs.