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“It is harder to do and gets mixed up with state government laws.” However, regarding the narrower form of consolidating specific services, he hears people talking about that almost everywhere he goes.“Consolidation will be a big talking point for local politicians this year,” a story in The Grand Rapids Press noted recently.Once complete, the merged system should increase efficiency and provide superior service. In the past few years, the idea of consolidating operations has been steadily gaining steam, often in specialized service areas.“We are not seeing wholesale consolidation of general purpose governments,” says Chris Hoene, director of research and innovation at the National League of Cities.An independent city is a city not deemed by its state to be located within the boundary of any county and recognized by its state as a legal territorial entity separate from surrounding or adjoining counties.A consolidated city-county differs from an independent city in that the city and county both nominally exist, although they have a consolidated government, whereas in an independent city, the county does not even nominally exist.Combined services may lead to downsizing, which can harm the quality of services, said Summer Minnick, the director of state affairs for the Michigan Municipal League.“Municipalities are in the business of providing services,” she said. It takes people to pick up the garbage, it takes people to plow the streets, it takes police officers to have a public safety department.

Municipalities have until January to submit their plan to be considered for funding.

By JACOB KANCLERZ Capital News Service LANSING – While the state pushes cooperation among Michigan’s local governments, some local officials say consolidating services doesn’t always save money while others say their communities have been consolidating for years. Rick Snyder encouraged municipalities to work together to solve fiscal problems earlier this year.

Consolidating local government services, such as police and fire, have been a reoccurring theme of his local reform efforts.

Meanwhile the Legislature sent the Municipal Partnership Act to Snyder for his approval in early November.

It sets guidelines for merger agreements, allowing combined municipalities to levy a millage and use tax revenue.