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Two different social formations have coexisted in Nicaragua for a long time: one on the Pacific side, which acquired living patterns derived mainly from Spanish domination; and another on the Caribbean side, influenced but never fully dominated by British colonization.

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It has been stated that "Forgery was practiced from the from the earliest times in every country where writing was the medium of communication" (, J. It was especially profitable in those earlier times of general public illiteracy.For the reason that most of an examiner's work involves some form of handwriting problem, the field is sometimes referred to as "Handwriting Identification" and the practitioner as a "Handwriting Expert". Osborn , with the publication of his book Handwriting identification is based on the principle that, while handwriting within a language tends to be alike to the degree that we can meaningfully read it, there are individual features that distinguish one person's writing from that of another. and abroad suggest that some two-thirds of departing white collar employees leave with proprietary data. Of course, not all data leaves with the requisite scienter (“evil intent”) to be called theft.But, few data theft lawsuits stem from stale data on forgotten media.The term "forensic" means simply, "having to do with the law." Document Examination, as an established field of scientific study, came into being early in this century as a means of identifying forgery and establishing the authenticity of documents in dispute.It grew out of the need of The Court to be able to correctly evaluate document evidence.

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Purpose To find scientific evidence of paper age and origin.

Method There's more to a piece of paper than meets the eye - and paper analysis can find it.

The “classic” data theft scenario is the after-hours mass movement of copious quantities of closely-guarded internal documents to an external USB hard drive or capacious thumb drive.

While such actions look dastardly at first blush, a few dimmer bulbs may actually act with a pure heart, intending to take only their personal data (like family photos or music), but dragging entire folder families that also hold corporate ESI.