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In 1982 the Swedish government threatened to ban the use of aluminum beverage cans for beer and soft drinks unless they achieved a recycling rate of 75 percent by 1985.

After trying several collection schemes, including curbside recycling programs, the aluminum industry determined that the only way they could achieve a 75 percent rate was through a deposit/refund system. 1) Figure 1 The idea of EPR is much older than any of the European laws.

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Deposit-refund system are a market-based instrument to address externalities.

As with Pigovian taxes a DRS aims to limit pollution of various types by creating an incentive to return a product.

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Before the manufacturing of a product is commenced it should be known how the waste which is a result of the production process should be treated, as well as how the product should be taken care of when discarded.The aluminum can recycling rate was 63 percent when PLM introduced the voluntary system in March 1984. The deposit refund system for refillable glass beer and soft drink bottles, adopted by the beverage industry in the U. nearly 100 years ago, is perhaps the earliest form of EPR system.By 1987 the recycling rate had increased to 75 percent, and in 1995 the rate was 92 percent, 30 percentage points higher than the U. While there are many definitions of EPR, it is generally described as a pollution prevention policy that focuses on product systems rather than production facilities.Learn more about our online Checkpoint solutions here or at our online store.Choose from a wealth of options to get the news you need, when it occurs.Recent award-winning and innovative solutions include Checkpoint Catalyst™ (the fastest, most efficient way to perform complex tax research online) as well as Intuitive Search (the advanced online search technology that goes beyond keyword matching to truly understand what you are looking for) and deliver the best results, every time.