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Yes, the Hall & Oates of "Maneater." But more the duo that made the bubbly, buoyant soul of "Abandoned Luncheonette" (you don't know? “Whatever Happened,” Brian Wilson -- He reunites with old bandmates Al Jardine and David Marks and harmonizes like it's 1966.184.
A strong desire to experience life and live fully came over me. I did not want to model: "stay together for the sake of the children" to my daughter the way my mom did to me. No, I wanted to model a strong women with self respect and courage to create a happy life. In only three months after the divorce (I guess I was pretty naive and "raw meat") I hooked up with a very manly man who paid so much attention to me and seemed to be everything I ever wanted. I was so glad she had a strong male father figure because her read dad was not.