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A team led by Elizabeth Bruch, a sociologist at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, tapped into this torrent of dating data.

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Imagine how you and your family would feel knowing that these pictures were sent to others over the internet. Yes, the child who sends it can be charged just as that criminal who requested it can be charged.- Go over who these predators are that have just been given a great means to find and stalk your child by these free apps. Okay, go on youtube and look up “kik trolling” These are kids actually pretending to be young girls and trying to get creepy guys to ask for nude pictures. Though they know more than us about these apps they do not realize how many sex offenders are out there waiting for an opportunity to fulfill their desires. Mom did not monitor what her daughter was doing on the internet.

That is considered Child Pornography and they can be charged for having it or putting those out over these apps, e-mails or texts. Admit you are old (to them you are) and they know more than you about these apps.

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