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Many HIV-negative men I know live and love in a seemingly blissful denial, pretending HIV isn't already enmeshed in their dating and sex lives.
At parties I was likened to Harry Potter and asked to say phrases like “you’re a wizard Harry”.

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A former Livermore police officer who's been charged in connection with the sex scandal that's rocked departments across the Bay Area spoke exclusively with ABC7 News I-Team Reporter Dan Noyes.

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Instead of shying away from social media debates, we need to recognize and address the differences that make online conversations too hot to handle.

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RELATED: Celeste Guap speaks from Florida jail cell for first time since assault arrest Celeste told Noyes about Black, just before he went on leave from the Livermore Police Department.

You don’t have to be at the centre of the storm to be affected by online controversy.

I-Team Reporter Dan Noyes has been chatting with him online since June, and has an exclusive report.

Black told Noyes in an online chat Thursday night that Celeste lied to him.