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Rules for dating a law student

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Every move you make in law school should be made with an eye towards the job market, and career services can help you navigate through those choices. You can expect for OCS to tell you what you need to do over the course of law school to put yourself in the best position to get a job you want. Law school is not won by living in the library in September. The choices you make now could influence the rest of your career, so make sure you choose something that you can “function” on. One of your first stops on campus should be at your office of career services. Those people are there to help you and asking for help is always easier when preceded by gifts. If it’s a good OCS office, they will immediately tell you how stupid those dreams are and redirect you along more reasonable paths. The bottom of the curve at law school is littered with people who started off strong and then ran out of steam long before the end of the semester. You are in professional school now, you should abuse your substances professionally.By the slim chance that they don’t know, it’ll take them about 0.24 seconds to network and find someone who can.I could go on, but that would just be bragging or worse, pitching a sale (and I’ve worked in a call-centre so trust me when I say it is the devil’s job).

Here is some tried and tested relationship advice for those brave enough to take the plunge: 1. And if you try to get away with lying to us during an argument you will never get away with it; we remember every bit of evidence. In school they were the cream of the crop, but in law school no matter how hard they try they still believe that they’re failures. They want you to believe that they are relaxed but swirling around in that mind of theirs are thoughts about all the study opportunities your company is denying them. You will need to adapt to their ways of communication – if you are imagining hour long phone calls or constant text messaging between yourself and your law school lover, think again.

And lawyers are the evolved form of Law Students (who also are never poorly-dressed except maybe during exams but those don’t count). Too pre-occupied to be clinging to your very existence and suffocate you with their love.

Law students have a million things going on and will be pre-occupied with that.

You were just trying to tell the story about Linda from the hairdressers moving in with her sister, and now all of a sudden you’re having an intense discussion about the pros and cons of the Landlord and Tenant Act.

A list for which “dating” can mean whatever you want it to mean. “Intra” is not the same as “inter.” All literate people should know that. While a doctor spouse will always be the dream, law students, especially by their 2L year, should start accepting that a lawyer spouse is the reality.