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The attitude and the choices your make through the same determine what happens to you. Most of the guys that still walk around with beer mugs next to their chest hoping that the night would get ‘lucky’ end up going home alone and broken for this very same reason.

There comes a time – maybe shortly after you get to know a man, or maybe a little later – when you’ll want to tell him something that’s bothering you, and yet you feel afraid to tell him the truth for fear of messing things up or pushing him away. Even now, before I speak a hard “truth” to my husband, I feel that thrill of fear go through me – the “good girl” part of me that thinks I’m better off “keeping things to myself.” And yet, what if the hardest things imaginable to say to a man…could make him love you more? To show you what I mean and help you practice this, I’ve created a Tool. If I made “telling the truth to a man” a game for you, where you couldn’t vent, or yell, or complain, or make him wrong – or even say the word “you” to him – how would you say it in the most truthful, fully-expressed way possible? Give yourself some time to breathe and mull it over. Now, imagine a situation with a man that comes up all the time, that’s bothering you constantly, or seemed to be a pattern of conflict and upset for you in past relationships. Now, as silly as this may sound, imagine there’s a big plastic zipper over your heart – and pull that zipper down to expose your heart.

Overall, you are just trying to have more successes, so “failures” are really learning steps..

As your confidence grows stronger, even the greatest challenges can’t set you back. Instead of asking a girl out on a date, try asking her to go out with you and a group of friends.

When was the last time you went out of your way to introduce yourself to someone new?

Everyday we miss opportunities to connect with others. If you’re ready to jumpstart your love life, The Dating Truth can help!