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Of course, being a shorter guy, I’d resent them and say, “Dude, if only I were that tall I’d be cleaning up.” Then some other guy who was even shorter would chime in and bitch me out for complaining. By the way, Verne Troyer gets laid like a rock star. It took me a long time to find a pair that was stylish and could easily integrate into my wardrobe but it was well worth it.Not only do they look good and get a lot of compliments, but they boost my height by about two and a half inches. On another night, I had been hitting on a cute girl when a shorter friend of mine (5’2″) swooped in and stole her out from under my nose. In the US and the UK, this is about four inches under the ideal height for a guy.I have girls tell me that I am too short, yet they still ended up coming home with me that night.Being that myself and one of my girls are 6 ‘4” with heels on, my sister is close behind reaching 6 ‘2” with her stilettos, and Grace is, well she prefers tall men, it was looking that it was going to be one of those nights.After a “fat” man, Nadia’s words not mine, invited us over to his bottle service, the night was looking up.

Here you could mingle with tall singles, tall beautiful women, tall handsome men and those tall people admirers!A couple of my girls knew of a Labor Day celebration (without the all-white requirement thank goodness).I invited my sister along for the ride and off we went. A., we noticed immediately that the male patrons were vertically challenged.They also marry women who are closer to their height — or taller.The study also examined what happens in the course of these relationships and found --somewhat paradoxically -- that tall men, though they are viewed as more masculine, are more likely to be in egalitarian relationships.This idea gets put into your head from a very young age…and there’s no real explanation for it.