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Ethiopians/Somalians depending on the person have from 37-60% Caucasian DNA and from 40-63% Negroid DNA if you mix another Caucasoid the child would be 67-80% Caucasian. Even their Caucasoid admixture are from Arabic looking people So the last thing I would call these people are half White like some Europeans have claimed Prince Of Dubai014 one look closer to middle easterner and they are Somalians. Show me an Bantu/Arab mixed individual showing the same recombination of traits!!! So of course you be darker than mixed with white and of course many Ethiopians are as black because the Arabs who don't look nothing like black but have a very dark skin. Arabiamen-_ who think that Horners are Caucasoid/Negroid mixed race people or Mullatos should explain me the following appearance Simple.Here some people I think look more Caucasian even though it's still look Black for African American standards. You can still see their SSA admixture but there definitely closer to Arabic. Due to the influx into the Horn of Africa from Arabia being so long ago, the stabilization of an almost evenly mixed population makes it such that random combinations of appearances can now occur that look like a variety of types, that one included.

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